Project Introduction

XMM Whitepaper 1.0


X-MarketMaker is a carefully orchestrated token designed to create true success. The main advantage of supporting $XMM is the project is focussed on creating Volume and Market Making through Unlimited Marketing. The token is based on the Binance Chain. Trust in our strategy and watch your investment grow.


XMM has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. XMM has a list of objectives to establish, in order to make it the best market-maker token. These features include:
  • We aim to increase the value of our currency to benefit our community. Market Making will be key focus.
  • Build a strong, fun community group and increasing our holders to aGlobal level.
  • Introduce a successful currency thatsupports our Ecosystem and brings value to holders.
  • Partnerships with leading Influencers, Call Channels and Communities.


The XMM team is experienced in every way, which is devoted in becoming one of the biggest cryptocurrencies through influence and growth. The team has a proven track record of creating tokens which always went to multi-million MC, so all you have to do is trust us with it!


The XMM Ecosystem roadmap outlines our plans for the project in the coming months. The roadmap includes the release of a number of new features, as well as the expansion of the XMM community. You can view our roadmap here.
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